Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I register for a class at Charlotte AHEC?

We offer two registration options. You may register using the online form or the print version of the form. If you choose to use the print version, you can mail the form to:

  • Charlotte AHEC Registrar
  • PO Box 32861
  • Charlotte, NC 28232
  • OR fax it to: 704.512.6561

Where is Charlotte AHEC?

Most of our training classes are offered at the Center for Learning and Development located at:

If there is inclement weather, how do I know if the program is cancelled?

If there is inclement weather, you should call Charlotte AHEC's main number at 704.512.6523 for a recorded message to verify the status of the program.

Have a question or want to give us some feedback?

Ask us a question if you can't find the answer here or let us know what you think about our continuing education programs, our Web site, our services,... all feedback is welcome. Thank you!

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