AHEC Library Fees

InterLibrary Loan Requests (Clients)

Primary Clients
All items $10.00
Items requested as RUSH $15.00
Secondary Clients
All items $20.00
Items requested as RUSH $30.00

Request an article or book through our Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan Request.

InterLibrary Loan Lending (Institutions)

Refer to OCLC and DOCLINE Policies.

Literature Search Request

Primary Clients
No charge
Secondary Clients
  • Minimum $75.00 / search request
  • Fee includes returns from the following databases: Medline, CINAHL, HealthStar, ACP Journal Club, Cochrane CRCT, Cochrane DSR, DARE
  • Additional fees may be applied to searches where Dialog and other fee/minute charges apply

Request a Literature Search.

Primary Clients

  • North Carolina AHEC affiliated students and faculty (Medical and pharmacy students on rotation, Charlotte AHEC staff, CHS Medical Education faculty)
  • AHEC and Medical Education Faculty / Preceptors / Educators
  • AHEC and Carolinas HealthCare System Health Administrators
  • Charlotte AHEC area healthcare providers
  • Charlotte AHEC area non-clinical health workforce
  • North Carolina AHEC System Libraries

Secondary Clients

  • Consumers / General Public
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-affiliated students and faculty (e.g. CPCC, Queens University, UNCC)
  • Regional non-health libraries

Questions and Disclaimer

The AHEC Library reserves the right to refuse requests from secondary clients depending on AHEC Library staff resources. For questions or concerns regarding our fees, please call 704.355.3129

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