About the Care Management Education Program

Charlotte AHEC's Care Management Education team provides quality educational opportunities for healthcare professionals, builds partnerships, promotes recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals, and advances healthcare in the communities we serve.

With the arrival of healthcare reform, most providers acknowledge that healthcare costs will lead to changes in how care is reimbursed, as well how consumer choice and access will encourage providers to improve care coordination, quality of care, and lower cost. Some key points to consider with regards to care management in the future environment:

  • Change from volume-based fee-for-service to value-based payments
  • Change the way of thinking about how care is organized and delivered with a care management model
  • Reduce redundancy from the system
  • Increase market share and reduce cost
  • Ability to survive on Medicare reimbursement rates or less
  • Achieve quality metrics established for the organization
  • Change to a population health management focus (patient-centered, quality healthcare across a population)
  • Manage the continuum of care keeping the patient in the forefront
The Care Management model is an approach designed to coordinate inpatient care, post-acute care, physician office services, and home-based care for patients with intermittent and chronic disease management needs. Each component operates independently and with each other to identify patients with gaps in care in order to realize cost savings. A care management model is evidence-based and integrates clinical care activities that are patient-specific (specific clinical conditions, the staffing resources to coordinate care, and the processes and systems to support the care) and determines the fiscal winner or loser in a value-based payment environment.

Charlotte AHEC is pleased to begin offering continuing education opportunities geared towards a variety of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals who are involved in care management areas such as utilization management, disease management, case management, call centers, population management and quality improvement. Various certifications or prep workshops will be offered to prepare heathcare workers for the future needs of healthcare organizations.

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