Charlotte AHEC Diversity provides educational and training programs that help our community and its immigrants bridge the barriers of language and culture.

Spanish Courses and Workshops for Healthcare Professionals

  • Entry-level 1-day intensive workshops designed by discipline
  • Multi-session "Introductory Spanish for Health Care" courses
  • Online Series

We offer Spanish courses for those healthcare professionals interested in cultivating their language skills. We offer different levels of courses as well as different teaching methods to accommodate all different learning needs. Our Spanish courses are primarily targeted to the beginning learner and range from 7 to 10 weeks. We also offer 1-day Spanish workshops for those who want a quick lesson in the language, improve their communication skills and discuss cultural aspects of the Latino population that may impact treatment.

Interpreters Training (Levels I, II, III)

We currently provide three levels of quality interpreter training. These courses are for individuals currently employed, contracted or who desire to offer interpreter assistance in health and human services.

Cultural Diversity Workshop

Our cultural diversity workshops assist healthcare providers identify and understand cultural differences influencing communication and acquire skills to increase effectiveness in cross-cultural communication.

Online Series

The Spanish Online 8-part series is now available. It is a new alternative and cost-effective health education tool. Just a mouse-click away!

Other Programs

For a consulting fee, we will design, develop, and coordinate cultural diversity training programs for departments to assist your staff in understanding and managing diversity.

We also offer Videos-On-The-Go, which are short interactive education sessions that may be held during a lunch hour. These fun sessions are conducted in a casual atmosphere that facilitates sharing ideas and networking with your colleagues.

For more information please email Gabriela Staley or call 704.512.6596.

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