About the Leadership Education Program

American College of Healthcare Executives

We are pleased to announce that Charlotte AHEC is authorized to award ACHE Qualified Education credit from the American College of Healthcare Executives for our Leadership Education courses. Participants in this program wishing to have the continuing education hours applied toward ACHE Qualified Education credit should indicate their attendance when submitting application to the American College of Healthcare Executives for advancement or recertification. These credits are self-reported via your profile on the ACHE website.

Charlotte AHEC's Leadership Education team provides quality educational opportunities for healthcare and human services professionals. We build partnerships, promote recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals and advance healthcare in the communities we serve, through purposeful learning opportunities and hands-on experiences in leadership.

The Leadership Education discipline provides educational opportunities, technical assistance, and consultation services for healthcare professionals, healthcare institutions, groups and practices. The Leadership Education personnel conduct needs assessments, as well as design and implement educational programs based on the needs assessment data.

The processes and dynamics of leadership remain the same in all industries, including healthcare. Leaders who are able to meet challenges in the workplace are open to learning experiences and consider the effects of their behavior on others. The purpose of leadership education is to help leaders gain a deeper understanding of themselves and a greater insight into the source of various behaviors of others. The outcome of this type of education provides opportunities for enriching leadership behavior and effectiveness.

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