About the Nursing Education Program

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In keeping with the mission and goals of the North Carolina AHEC Program, Charlotte AHEC's Nursing Education team provides a broad spectrum of activities which include continuing education, technical assistance, and consultation offered by the School of Nursing at Chapel Hill.

Activities include:

  • Provide high quality continuing nursing education programs to meet the educational needs of nurses in our region.
  • Offer needed educational programs in the rural areas.
  • Coordinate the Regional Nursing Deans and Directors Workforce Group meetings. This group focuses on networking, brainstorming, and sharing current nursing issues.
  • Promote the RN Refresher Program to recruit nurses who have been out of practice for at least five years and who are returning to the nursing workforce.
  • Continue seeking potential clinical sites to meet the increasing enrollment of RN refresher students.
  • Offer preceptor workshops for nurses to enhance knowledge for being effective mentors.
  • Assist with the nursing schools in our region to develop grant proposals for expansion of clinical development sites and preceptor development.
  • Expand management and supervision courses for nursing leadership to improve the practice environment and retention.
  • Facilitate Gerontological Council meetings to collaborate with experts in this area to address the gerontological training needs of our region.
  • Promote educational services to meet the needs of the gerontological healthcare providers and to better meet the needs of the aging population in America.
  • Participate in activities of the Health Career Summer Camp to promote health careers in middle/high school students targeting economically / educationally disadvantaged and unrepresented minorities. Activities include teaching CPR, teaching students the different medical devices (stethoscope and blood pressure monitor) and providing educational presentations related to the health industry.
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