Clinical Site Development Grant

Each year the North Carolina AHEC Program Office sends out a request for proposals to all state supported nursing schools across the state. Each regional AHEC is responsible for the Schools of Nursing in their area. The clinical site grants help develop clinical sites throughout the state in order to facilitate educational efforts of students in North Carolina. The development of these sites targets rural and underserved communities, at-risk populations, primary care, workforce shortage areas, long-term care, public school settings, and clinical sites for nursing education graduate programs.

Priorities of the Clinical Site Grant program are to:

  • Expose the greatest number of students at all levels of education,
  • Expand upon successful clinical site training models,
  • Utilize and develop well-trained preceptors who practice in these new sites, and
  • Develop these sites so that they can become self-supporting in three years or less.

The clinical site grants are reviewed by each regional AHEC. The final review and selection of these grants is then completed by the North Carolina AHEC Program Office.

Educational Mobility Grant for Nurses

As an integral part of our mission, each AHEC is committed to promoting educational mobility for all nurses. North Carolina continues to encourage more nurses to be prepared at the baccalaureate level and above. AHEC-sponsored off-campus degree programs provide flexible options for working nurses who wish to advance from RN to BSN, MSN, and PhD. Additionally, the state's need for advanced practice nurses continues to increase making accessibility of these programs even more important. Visit the College Foundation of North Carolina for more information on educational mobility options for NC nurses.

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