Centralina Consortium for Clinical Education and Practice (3CEP) – Student Passport Initiative

Student and Faculty Core Orientation

Additionally, an online core orientation must be completed by all students and faculty participating in the clinical experience. This orientation is only to be completed once and is applicable for all of the healthcare facilities listed above. The URL address for the core orientation for students and faculty is: http://www.wakeahec.org/pdf/ccep/wahec-coreorientation-slideshow.ppsx

Instructions on completing the Core Orientation Training:

  • The core orientation is in power point.
  • It works best from a PC or MAC, not IPad or Mobile devices.
  • Click the link on the final slide to complete the evaluation.
  • At the end of the evaluation, click the done button and the Certificate of Completion will open.
  • Insert your name, date on the certificate.
  • Save to your desktop and print or save and upload certificate to appropriate database or academic site.
Note: Additional facility-specific orientation may be required (parking, dress codes, etc.). Please check with the facility representative.

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