Preceptor Information

Preceptor Payments

Clinical preceptors can have a significant, positive impact on a student's training while in school. They provide valuable experience in a clinical setting, and teach lifelong skills. Ultimately, preceptors help train the future healthcare workforce.

In addition to personal rewards, precepting students for approved courses qualifies for payment to the preceptor or practice. This payment is a token of appreciation that comes from the NC Legislature through the AHEC system, in an effort to promote primary care to students in the state.

If you are wondering whether or not a course is approved for payment, please email Renee Leonard or call 704.512.6630.

Update Preceptor / Practice Information

Please be sure to let CORPCE know of any changes in your staff and contact information. Practice and preceptor information is used to update our database and properly document your experience precepting.

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